Every day is a treat when you’re with an adorable fur baby!

first of all, when did feminism go from strong and empowered women to weak and fearful of literally everything regarding men type women?

second, stop speaking for us all and stop portraying us all as fearful because I, for one, am not afraid of anything and I’m certainly not weak.

I follow so many popular spn/destiel blogs who are constantly talking about how they are “sooo done” with the show and the direction it’s going and aren’t going to watch it anymore and everything about it is so problematic yet continue to post about it all day every day??? Makes sense??? If you’re gonna be done with it be done with it and don’t subject the rest of us to your constant complaining

her name is siri and she is a potato

idk y’all know I am the first person to point out jareds bullshit comments and you also know he’s not my favorite person all the time but I do not think he said anything wrong today honestly you guys are blowing this wayyyy out of proportion. you will find literally anything to complain about.