kim is complaining about how the venue isn’t big enough to invite certain family members/close friends to the wedding but they invited jaden smith in a batman costume


PSA: Please don’t try the BS “I have a Black friend” excuse on me again

this is very interesting but at the same time, black people only make up 15% of the population of the US, while white people make up 75%. It makes sense that white people have more white friends than black friends, and since black communities tend to stay together, it makes sense that black people have more black friends. Is this a study about common sense? And I live in one of the whitest states in the US (maine). I know probably hundreds of white people, but that’s not to say I don’t know black people. I have black family members (through marriage and adoption) and many black friends. I know a lot more white people than black people, but I still love and care about them just the same even though there aren’t many of them.




Before you date a boy, consider the following:

  • Girls

Or just date who you’re fucking attracted too and stop pretending being gay is a choice to further your childish hatred of men.

I hate how Tumblr has gone from advocating ‘love is love’ and ‘sexuality is not a choice’ to ‘lmao straight people have u seen girls. don’t fancy men cos they’re all TRASH’.

if joan dies I am going to miss in bed with joan so much it is one of my favorite webshows

also she would just love the attention you crabs are giving her hoping she dies and junk she’s a fucking comedian if she was politically correct and completely non offensive all the time she wouldn’t be funny so shut up and realize she has been around since the sixties and is an important figure in feminist and overall women’s comedy whether you like her or not



except taylor was actually tasteful and completely non offensive.


I’ve watched this at least a hundred times.

only on tumblr can you find a sizable group of teenage girls who truly believe that they are more knowledgable than doctors, scientists, sociologists, political experts and psychologists about the issues the world is facing